Brad Franchi

Mr. Brad Franchi

President, Forest Strategies, LLC.

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Member of the Natural Resources Council

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Council Member Biography

Brad Franchi is the President of Forest Strategies, a Forest and Paper consulting service. Mr. Franchi has provided over 100 consultations while earning the top four percent of all consultants. He is also a Partner at Timber Barons LLCs that buy and sell timberlands, in SC and OH. Mr. Franchi has over 25 years of experience in managing forestry and paper operations, and as a key member of the Forestry and Paper integration teams, including two large industrial mergers, he has Sarbanes Oxley experience. Mr. Franchi has expertise in managing forestry data analysis, valuation, purchasing and divestiture operations for large and small tracts of timberlands, focused on China, and the Americas. He has worked with Wall St and provided consultations on REITs, valuation of timberlands, general forestry and pulp and paper manufacture. Mr. Franchi is concentrated in the citing of Biomass plant studies, and lately, serving multiple client requests for timberland and timber valuations. Recent analytical work includes Climate change and precipitation rates - as they effect paper production, are major concerns to large, integrated paper and pulp companies. (This is me - Update Profile)

Employment History

2006 - Unspecified
President, Forest Strategies, LLC.
2006 - Unspecified
Managing Partner, Timber Barons, LLC
2006 - 2007
1986 - 2004
Director of Corp Woodlands; mgr of Corp Woodlands;, Mead Corporation
1984 - 1996
Director of Corporate Woodlands, Mead - Dayton

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