Mr. Brian Sawyer B.Sc

Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant (Self Employed)

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Council Member Biography

Brian Sawyer is retired and an independent consultant. He was the Founder and former Director of Aluminum Industry Professionals Inc. (Aluminpro). Prior to starting the firm in 2000, Mr. Sawyer spent over 40 years with Alcan Aluminum. He has over 45 years experience in the aluminum industry and has been involved in the management of many joint ventures involving the production and sale of alumina and bauxite mining. Mr. Sawyer has been responsible for the management of a number of aluminum smelters, power stations, shipping, and recycling. Mr. Sawyer has also played an integral part in forming and managing joint ventures, negotiations with governments, and organizing major projects. He has worked in several countries including Canada, US, UK, Australia, India, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil, Guinea, Ghana, South Africa, Norway, Germany, and Korea. Mr. Sawyer has been involved in developing overall corporate business plans as well as the preliminary negotiations for new smelters, alumina refineries, and bauxite mines. In addition, he was responsible for developing the overall logistics system for distribution of over one million tons of ingot products. (This is me - Update Profile)

Employment History

2004 - Unspecified
Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant (Self Employed)
2000 - 2004
Founding Director , Aluminium Industry Professionals Inc.
1956 - 2000
Associate Director of Raw Materials, ALCAN INC

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