Jacky Starck

Mr. Jacky Starck

Chief Executive Officer, EUROPARC GmbH

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Member of the Real Estate Council

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Council Member Biography

Jacky Starck is the Chief Executive Officer of Europarc GmbH, a commercial developer and operator of business parks in Berlin and Cologne, Germany. He is also the Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Starck Management Consulting, an independent international real estate investment and mergers & acquisition consulting firm in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Starck has over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, project development, marketing and sales, facility and asset management, corporate consulting, financing and management audit, mergers and acquisition, coordination and support to due diligence, private equity, post merger integration, restructuring, turnaround and corporate development, construction and building materials businesses in Germany, France, and most of Western and Eastern European countries. Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer at Zapf GmbH, a German residential development, precast construction and building materials firm. (This is me - Update Profile)

Employment History

2008 - Unspecified
Chief Executive Officer, EUROPARC GmbH
2005 - 2007
Chief Executive Officer, ZAPF GMBH
2004 - Unspecified
Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Starck Management Consulting (SMC)
1994 - 2005
Chief Executive Officer, ACON Group AG
1992 - 1994
Authorized Signatory - Prokurist (Germany & East), EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION
1991 - 1992
Secretaire General (International Development), Eiffage Construction - SAE/Quillery Group
1987 - 1991
CFO - DAF (Subsidiaries South of France), SAE/Quillery Group
1984 - 1987
CFO - DAF - HR Executive, JV - SPE/SAE Group
1975 - 1983
Accounting and Finance Manager, SAE Group (Eiffage S.A.)

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