Dr. Jon Peddie Ph.D.


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Member of the Technology Council

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Council Member Biography

Jon Peddie, PhD, one of the pioneers of the graphics industry, started in computer graphics in 1962. He started several technology companies, and Jon Peddie Research in 2001 providing information, and management expertise to the industry. He is an adviser to Khronos which creates standards for the acceleration of parallel computing, graphics, computer vision. Peddie lectures at conferences on topics pertaining to graphics technology and emerging trends in digital media technology. He is frequently quoted in trade and business publications and contributes articles to numerous publications.Dr. Peddie was the past President of Siggraph Pioneers, Founder and President of Jupiter Systems, EVP of Comarc, President of Fluidyn systems, and President and Founder of Data Graphics. He is also the author of several books including: Graphics User Interfaces and Graphics Standards (1992), High Resolution Graphics Display Systems (1994), Multimedia and Graphics Controllers (1994), Contributor to Advances in Modeling, Animation, and Rendering (2002), Contributing Editor, Handbook of Visual Display Technology (2009), and a Contributor to: State of the Art in Computer Graphics, Visualization and Visual Analytics (2012), Contributor to Imaging the Future and Building it (2012), Production Pipeline Fundamentals For Games And Film (2013), and The History of Visual Magic in Computers (2013). He is a Professional Engineer, Control Systems, CA, Senior Member, IEEE, and Senior Member ACM (This is me - Update Profile)

Employment History

2011 - 2012
President, Siggraph Pioneers
2001 - Unspecified