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Paul F. Forshay is a Partner with Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan in Washington, DC, where he concentrates on federal and state energy regulatory matters concerning the electric power, natural gas and oil pipeline industries. Mr. Forshay has extensive experience in all aspects of natural gas and oil pipeline rate litigation before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and has participated in FERC rulemaking proceedings concerning gas and electric industry restructuring, alternative ratemaking approaches and negotiated terms/conditions of service for natural gas pipelines, and generic ratemaking methodologies for oil pipelines. At the state level, he has participated in utility rate proceedings before a number of state commissions, and has been actively involved in electric and gas utility restructuring matters in California, New Jersey, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. His clients include national marketers of electric power and natural gas, industrial groups, individual consumers of electric power and natural gas services, and oil pipelines. Apart from his administrative litigation and policy work, Mr. Forshay has assisted clients on a diverse range of energy-related matters, such as gas transportation agreements, power purchase and transmission agreements, state licensing requirements for power marketers, import-export regulations, and government contract requirements. (This is me - Update Profile)

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1990 - Unspecified