Stuart Newstead

Mr. Stuart Newstead

Chief Executive Officer, Ellare

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Member of the Telecommunications Council

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Council Member Biography

Stuart Newstead is CEO of Ellare, an independent consultancy, which he has run since 2002. He has over 30 years in fixed and mobile telecoms, specializing in wireless data strategies, mobile market trends, mergers, acquisitions, MVNO, spectrum auctions, triple play, fiber to the home, ICT, convergence, the commercial impact of telecoms regulation especially broadband IP & next-generation networks, plus functional and structural separation. He has worked with clients including BT, Virgin Media, Openreach, T-Mobile, O2, 3, Moov, BlackBerry, Cisco, Intel, HP, Sun, Guardian Media, AOL, Ofcom, European regulators, DFJ Esprit Capital. Clients in over 20 countries, including, Africa & Asia - Botswana Telecom, Sri Lanka Telecom. Mr. Newstead was previously, a Vice President at mobile operator O2, where he devised O2's data strategy and led the exclusive European launch of BlackBerry. Prior to O2, he was GM at BT Wholesale and was instrumental in developing, negotiating and implementing the UK interconnect regime after liberalization. Mr. Newstead was commissioned in 2013 by The Guardian newspaper group to write a series of insights on the mobile industry; two published insights are Mobile Bandwidth- and Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013 notes- He chaired a London 2012 Olympics Committee, the Mobile Experience Group, to ensure delivery of an excellent public mobile service during the Olympics. Mr. Newstead has a MBA and MPhil in Statistics from Yale University, USA, and an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, UK. He is also an Associate Advisor at NetStrategics and also an Associate at Telco 2.0 since 2004. He serves on the Oxfam Multimedia Advisory Board (since 2006) and Brunel University MBA Advisory Board (since 2004) as well. (This is me - Update Profile)

Employment History

2002 - Unspecified
Chief Executive Officer, Ellare
1997 - 2002
VP, Wireless Data Services, TELEFONICA UK LTD
1993 - 1997
Head of Commercial Operations, BRITISH TELECOM
1983 - 1993
Principal Consultant, BRITISH TELECOM

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