Web-based Systems to Build and Manage Knowledge Networks

Gerson Lehrman Group provides clients with specialized services and innovative web-based tools to streamline research projects, consolidate the acquired knowledge, manage consulting contracts and conflicts, and improve the oversight and output of research efforts and investments.

Specialized Client Service:

Every GLG user receives dedicated client service from a relevant member of GLG's unique Research Management staff, a specially trained organization of primary research coordinators. With backgrounds and expertise directly corresponding to the GLG Councils, GLG Research Managers work closely with clients to facilitate every aspect of their inquiry.

Web-based Research Platform:

The GLG Research Management Platform provides end-users and their firms with technology to discover valuable Council Members, request research projects, and monitor and control the entire research effort. It has two types of features: easy-to-use web tools aimed at the expediting and improving research projects, and powerful dashboard systems that inform and empower senior operational, financial and legal managers.

  • Project Research and Management Systems (for end-users):

    Every GLG client receives direct access to the innovative GLG Research Management Platform. Through this web service, clients can navigate GLG service offerings by searching for all Council Member in GLG Member Programs (70,000+) plus any Council Member who has agreed to consult with their firm. Tools to rate, tag and add notes to any item in the system enable sharing and collaboration between researchers and teams.
  • Project Oversight Systems (for managers):

    The GLG Research Management Platform also includes a web-based dashboard for clients to monitor and control interactions between the client's staff and Council Members. This system enables managers and compliance professionals to play an informed and efficient role in supervising the consulting activities of their firm. Using these tools, GLG clients can set custom review workflow rules for all or specific users that includes the ability to block, put 'on-hold,' or add customized reminder notes regarding specific consulting projects or consultants.

The GLG Research Management Platform turns fragmented projects and contacts into an institutional asset, simplifying and optimizing research efforts, and ultimately creating a proprietary knowledge network.

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Learn more about the GLG Research Management Platform

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