A System to Manage Custom Knowledge Networks

The GLG Research Management Platform is a web-based application that allows clients to efficiently manage their primary research and manage proprietary knowledge networks. Included are powerful modules for project management, contact management, event management and compliance/oversight.

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Specific user benefits include:
  • Search and Discovery Clients can search for and engage with all Council Members in GLG Member Programs (90,000+) plus any Council Member who has agreed to consult with their firm by keyword, job profile, biography, geography, etc. GLG News subscribers can also search GLG NewsSM content by these criteria.
  • Collaboration Share feedback and notes about specific contacts, populations, projects, and events with colleagues and groups, enabling other users to discover qualified Council Members.
  • Project Initiation Clients can request a research project with any member of their custom knowledge network directly from the system.
  • Project Management View project status in real-time.
  • Organization Tags help clients organize consultations, surveys, contacts, events, and notes by themes specific to their firms naming conventions and workflows.
  • Oversight Designated client staff are empowered to monitor and control their firms interactions with Council Members.

Future releases will allow clients to include their own contacts and documents, as well as a financial dashboard to manage costs and best practices.

The GLG Research Management Platform is the most powerful primary research solution available.

  • Experience GLGs 75+ person engineering department leverages more than seven years of technical design and experience in managing knowledge networks, incorporating best practices gleaned from over 500 customers.
  • Cost and Focus Clients avoid the ongoing IT expenses associated with maintaining, upgrading and scaling either an internally-developed or 3rd-party in-house solution.
  • Security The GLG Research Management Platform incorporates the latest security standards to help ensure all data is secure, private and always available. Gerson Lehrman Group leverages the strongest encryption products, including 128-bit Verisign SSL Certification and 1024-bit RSA Public Keys, as well as daily data backups, co-location and other measures. Contact us for more details on security.
  • Real-Time Data Management Clients can receive the immediate benefit of GLGs recruiting and data management teams. As soon as any GLG record is updated Council Member, Population, Events, and GLG News those additions are immediately shared with clients through the Research Platform.

The GLG Research Management Platform allows clients to manage their primary research to focus on growth, instead of investing internal resources and capital on technical infrastructure.

Please contact us for more information on the benefits of using the GLG Research Management Platform.

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