Engage Experts through a Wide Variety of Interaction Options

Gerson Lehrman Group enables clients to engage Council Members through several research solutions, each supported by standards and safeguards to drive appropriate consulting. To facilitate these exchanges, GLG has developed two intertwined management systems:

  • Collaboration Systems GLGs collaboration options include telephone consultations, educational events and wide variety of written offerings. Each GLG solution is customized to clients education and decision-making contexts, project timeframes and organizational preferences. GLG helps clients understand the combination and sequence of solutions that are most appropriate for their research needs.
  • Conflict and Disclosure Management Systems GLG has developed unique systems to support its clients standards for expert consulting. In addition to the underlying contract signed by each GLG Council Member, every collaboration between a client and Council Member is managed through technology that enforces clients compliance requirements.

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GLG Blueprint

The GLG Blueprint provides clients with ten practical steps to maximize the value of their GLG relationship

GLG Blueprint
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